SuperLab 5

Projetado para investigadores, não para programadores.


superlab 5

Produtor: Cedrus
Última versão: SuperLab 5
Sistema operativo: Windows
Versão de teste: Sim
Áreas: Psicologia, Análise de Dados
Informação: Visão Geral | General FeaturesInformações Adicionais

visão geral

  • Construa experiências psicológicas
  • Execute-as
  • Recolha os dados do tempo de reação

Fácil de aprender. Fácil de ensinar.

Projetado para investigadores, não para programadores.

Todas as outras ferramentas para construir experimentos dependem da programação. O SuperLab oferece uma forma melhor – desde 1991. Até mesmo experimentos complexos como em escada e limites visuais são fáceis de implementar usando uma interface de point and click.

Também obtém liberdade entre plataformas: uma licença pode ser executada em Mac ou em Windows.

General Features

  • Build and run psychology experiments
  • Collect reaction time data
  • Designed for researchers, not programmers: implement using point-and-click interface
  • Classic and demo experiments are available for download
  • Supports randomization, looping, participant groups and stimulus lists
  • Use any stimulus type as feedback
  • View, transpose and merge data
  • Save experiment and all stimuli files in a single, compressed file

    Stimulus Types

    Some files types may be supported on only one platform, but all features work on either Mac or Windows

Pictures Files

Most files formats are supported.


Kanji, Mandarin, or English, in a fixed color or a variable one


Play one or several movies at the same time.

Sound Files

Play sounds per trial or throughout experiment


Rapid Serial Visual Representation of text has never been easier

Digital Output

Analyze EEG / ERP data better by sending event codes via StimTracker or I/O card

Self-Paced Reading

Break text into segments and let SuperLab present one segment at a time

Serial Output

Send control data to any device with a serial port

Lots of other features



In addition to two-level trial randomization, Superlab can vary:

·         Position of visual stimuli

·         Color of text

·         Exposure time or participant response’s time limit


Repeat trials until a condition is met.

Memory and learning experiments have never been easier to build


Participant groups

Present only specific blocks of trials or use the same random sequence on per group basis



Use any stimulus type as feedback, based on correctness of participant’s response or reaction time



No programming. Point and click with your mouse to create if/then/else flow


Stimulus lists

Simplify creation of experiments by using stimulus lists for pictures, movies, sounds, self-paced reading, text, or event codes


Go / No-Go Experiments

Built-in option for when participant should not respond

Experiment Packaging

Save your experiment and all stimuli files in a single, compressed file




View Data. Transpose. Merge.

SuperLab collects reaction time data and saves it as plain text files, with columns separated by tabs. It is easy to open these files with programs like Excel, but for pre-viewing the data and its basic stats, the free Cedrus Data Viewer application is just unbeatable:
View several files at the same time, including some basic stats.
Flag rows based on certain criteria, e.g. ones with RTs that are greater than 2 standard deviations.
Produce a merged data file with options to transpose data (easier import into SPSS) and omit flagged rows.

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